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Media Economist Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag is an author, speaker and coach for agility, life design, mindfulness and digital transformation. For almost two decades, Lilian has been supporting cross-functional teams and supporting companies such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, Volkswagen Group, Daimler, Audi or Axel Springer strategically and organizationally in global digital transformation projects.

As a mom, founder of THE DIGNIFIED SELF® and internationally active keynote speaker, she also knows very well how to stay focused and calm despite of constant change. With her books »Mindfulness in Digital Times« and »Serene and Agile – thanks to children« (published in German, Springer Verlag 2016 & 2023), her Mindful Agility® training program and her podcast »Mindfulness for Parents by MARIENKÄFERMOMENTE«, Lilian is committed to cultivate more serenity in everyday parenting and in establishing more consciousness and (digital) well-being in businesses.

True to her credo »Don’t forget to be human among all the machines«, Lilian’s talks and trainings are always modern, customized and contemporary. Her topics find international resonance, e.g. in publications such as the Harvard Business Manager, the Huffington Post, Manager Magazin and FOCUS. Her speaker references include keynotes and lectures in Germany, Austria, Spain and England at leading companies, business universities and renowned industry events. 

Lilian has a passion for singing, meditation, yoga and travel. She has released songs as a singer-songwriter too and started her professional career in product management at Bertelsmann, BMG, one of the largest record and media companies.

After living in the United States, Spain and several German countries, Lilian now lives in Berlin with her husband and son.

Impulses for mindfulness and agility:


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Digital Transformation
Change Management
Mindful agile Parenting
Digital Transformation
Change Management
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Exemplary Talk Topics
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What unique opportunity do children give us? Through children we learn to perceive things more consciously again, we are more careful, more mindful. We experience our lives again – from children’s eyes. Or to put it another way: »It suddenly becomes important again how many dots a ladybug has.« Many parents feel stressed and sometimes push their own limits. This book explains how so-called »ladybug moments« can help us to become more relaxed. It delivers an innovative mix of the basic attitudes of mindfulness and agility, applied to everyday parenting.  

Buch »Achtsamkeit in digitalen Zeiten«
release 2016

A non-fiction book with a personal note that combines storytelling with concrete tips to implement in everyday’s life. Lilian addresses companies as well as individuals and discusses important technology and humanity trends that even more explain the high relevance of a sharpened consciousness today.


Lilian combines three focus fields as a certified coach: Agile Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching and Life Design Coaching, which includes Design Thinking methods.

For almost two decades, Lilian has been supporting big corporations, such as Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Daimler, Audi or Axel Springer, strategically and organizationally in global digital transformation projects, consulting them as Agile Coach on their path to a more agile, innovative, new work culture. Lilian’s self-designed training program MINDFUL AGILITY® has been applied in many leading companies and teams around the world.

Her unique coaching combination provides the perfect tool set for any individual, team or organization who encounters change, needs clarity on the next steps and calls for re-design and focus.

The Life Design Coaching approach Lilian applies is based on Work Life Romance® and its best-selling approach “Design you life”. It takes the coachee through the Life Design stages of Analyzing the Status-Quo, Understanding the setting, defiing th problem statements, needs and values, Ideating on creative paths and ideas with various tools and last but not least coming up with prototypes on concrete solutions. Lilian takes the coachee through the whole process and puts her focus on coming up with learnings and results for each of the phases. The Life Design Coaching approach is suitable for individuals as well as companies / teams.  

Lilian’s mindfulness Coaching approach is based on her Foundational Mindfulness Training education with Arbor, various meditations trainings and further expertise development in the area of Mindful Parenting with Susan Bögels at the Center of Mindfulness, NL.

Each of her coachings is customized based on goals and needs, size of groups vs. individual training and is possible in remote and on-site session.


Lilian has the heart of an entrepreneur. She is passionate about digitalization, constant learning, solving new challenges and working globally with different cultures. Throughout the last decade she has started several initiatives and projects. She has guided and inspired leading corporations worldwide in the areas of digital transformation, agile methodologies and in establishing mindfulness and focus to support overall wellbeing of employees. 

Güntsche Concepts was the starting point of Lilian’s path into self-employment back in 2011. Its key focus is digital consultancy and strategic advisory, especially focusing on digital platforms and transformation management, agile project management, change, and product ownership.
The reference list is long, including collaborations with companies such as Coca-Cola, Samsung Electronics, Axel Springer, Volkswagen Group, Daimler, Audi, Publicis Agency Group and many more.

Additionally, Lilian has been working as a lecturer at a top leading business University since 2017. She has led courses on project and change management and even co-designed a newly developed course on agile development as part of Data Science and Digital Business BA/MA.


THE DIGNIFIED SELF® (TDS), which was initiated by Lilian Güntsche in 2015, is a one-stop shop for knowledge transfer, exercises and inspiration around mindfulness and agility in the digital transformation – especially focusing on how to work mindfully. TDS invites organizations to rethink, see change as a chance and to establish a compatible new work mindset. It is a movement for more humanity in a technology dominated world. TDS stands for a transformation that puts people at the center of technology, but nonetheless uses the opportunities of digitization. THE DIGNIFIED SELF® has been listed in well-known publications, such as the Huffington Post, Harvard Business Manager, Manager Magazin, Focus or Brigitte Magazine.

MINDFUL AGILITY® is the training approach designed by Lilian Güntsche. The mission statement of the training program is: »Master the NOW with mindfulness & agility«. Why? Resilience and adaptability are two superpowers strongly needed today in times of constant change. Those powers can be fueled and cultivated by mindfulness practices and an agile mindset – significant skills in turbulent times. As a well-educated mindfulness and agility coach, Lilian combines these two forces in her trainings in one unique way. All trainings are customized for its audience and its special needs. Lilian has applied parts of her trainings not only in companies, but also with individuals and in the education sector at High Schools or Universities.


MARIENKÄFERMOMENTE (in English »Ladybug moments«) has the mission to cultivate more serenity and mindfulness in parenting life. It supports the improvement of a well-balanced work-life-kid-integration. With Lilian’s book »Serene and Agile – Thanks to children« (in German: »Gelassen und agil dank Kindern«, Springer 2023) and her accompanying podcast talk series podcast »Mindfulness for parents by MARIENKÄFERMOMENTE«, Lilian shares impulses, introduces remarkable personalities and provides audio-visual guidance with meditations and more. Core idea is to see life more from a children’s mindset and become aware of little things again, like the dots on a ladybug. This renewed consciousness can help to reduce stress and increase happiness. 


Mrs. Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag knows how to present all the pitfalls of digital media usage with great humor and charisma in a customized and very realistic manner. Her empathic nature is inviting and captivating. Her talk about „From Always-on to Always-Omm“ was a truly entertaining excursion into the world of mindfulness practice peppered with excellently researched studies. All in all, a successful hour of great input.
Anke Bechstein-Röse
Deutsche Bundesbank
Management & Team Coaching
It’s not often I come across someone in my work who’s cultivated the sensitivity and skill to create such a unique experience when engaged to Speak. During our training her ability to adapt and stretch to take on board new tools was nothing short of World Class. Lilian is an artist with a voice that enables her to not only deliver important information but create an experience for her audience while doing so that shifts their hearts and minds.
Andrew Eggelton
Speaking Mentor & TEDx Speaker Coach
Lilian was one of our presenters during Wayfair's first ever “Global Wellness Week“. She facilitated a session on Mindfulness in the Digital Age and Mindfulness Lunch. Lilian has a gift for presenting and is clearly a subject matter expert. She is an engaging presenter and story-teller, leaving the audience feeling informed, and curious about the topic at hand. For any company looking to support their employees' mental wellbeing during these unprecedented times, I highly recommend Lilian and her mindfulness workshops.
Steffi Neth
Benefits Manager EU + HK
Showing people that work in online marketing that sometimes it is good to NOT be online? If anyone can do that, it's Lilian! In her 45-minute session at Contentixx 2021, she explained why it is sometimes better to not always be available and how to maintain inner balance in order to be able to implement projects in a stronger and more focused manner.
Stefan Niesche
Event Manager
Lilian has continuously inspired, supported and pushed the team to deliver a best-in-class solution. Lilian is an outstandingly positive person and valuable asset to any team. Not only is she an expert in staying focused in challenging times, she is also a great strategic thinker with a strong can-do mentality. Lilian is passionate and always up-to-date on all things digital with excellent stakeholder management and communication skills.
Nancy Sippach
Senior Manager
Coca-Cola European Partners
Everyone is talking about digitization, but where are the people in all of this? 
Lilian describes how we can mindfully deal with our technology dominated times. She is bringing in her own experiences and knows exactly what she is talking about. She is touched by the topic emotionally and you can feel that she writes and talks from her heart. That’s exactly what is needed, as after all, digitization is a very human topic
Michael Moser
Shanghai.Berlin GmbH
The sympathetic and charismatic nature of Lilian Güntsche's presentation, the great content from her mindfulness book and, last but not least, a spontaneous singing performance as part of a short meditation exercise made this an exciting and truly inspiring event.
Tennis Club Blau-Weiß Berlin
Management Board
Lilian is a bright strategic thinker, an amazing project lead and a highly valued advisor. Additionally, Lilian facilitates and moderates brilliant agile workshops that motivate and inspire. She is a very skilled marketeer and Scrum Master, who is extremely focused, creative and value driven. One of our projects even received an award and was rolled out internationally as a benchmark, which displays the success of her work.
Maximilian Vogel
Big Picture GmbH
Lilian is a smart, strategic thinker, who is also happy to get hands-on and sort things out. Lilian just makes it happen and gets it done - always on time and budget and with an outstandingly positive way and in a charming matter. She is proactive, passionate for her work, creative, solution oriented and manages stakeholders perfectly. Lilian will be an asset to any company. Snap her if you can!
Gabi Seir
Senior Director
(former Coca-Cola EP)
With her friendly and open-minded personality, Lilian managed to inspire our coworking community instantly about the subject of mindfulness and stimulated thought explosions. We have recommended her and her valuable book many times.
Sandra Runge
Book Author | Lawyer
Proparents Initiative Activist | Founder Coworking Toddler
Professor Lillian taught me Agile Development Methodologies for my Bachelors Degree. She played a pivotal role in teaching me the importance of team work and documentation in highly stressful projects such as Website Development. Her teaching methods were very inviting and inclusive which made me able to take charge and solve problems. I am very grateful to have had her as my professor.
Chelsea D‘Souza
Bachelor in Data Science & Digital Business, UE
Lilian is an expert when it comes to agile working and organizational design. She also has the gift of driving and tracking teams, but always acting benevolently and supporting the team spirit. You can trust her word! Highest recommendation!
Celii Genc
formerly Managing Director
Kieback & Peter GmbH
Lilian did an excellent job in the ideation, positioning, creation, management and execution. Highly convincing and professional strategy papers were produced with concrete, hands-on measures, that are already being implemented. Lilian is a digital expert with a motivating get-it-done mentality, she is passionate about everything she does and a major asset to any team. She is reliable, has a very friendly personality and is great to work with. I’d recommend her any time.
Axel Neuhaus
Head of Digital Marketing
Volkswagen Vertrieb Deutschland
Lilian’s keynote about” mindfulness in digital times“ was a great pleasure to experience. A topic, which is often seen as “esoteric “, was conveyed in a very contemporary and passionate way. The audience was very beautifully involved. Lilian did not force anything on the people, but spoke from her own perspective and experiences, which was really enjoyable!
Martin Bressem
formerly Detox Rebels GmbH
Lilian not only brings forth a flourishing career as a digital strategist, artist and entrepreneur, but also a genuine understanding of the importance of humanising society with values and practices. Insights that will improve everyone from within for the highest benefit of the outside world. With her book, Lilian has accomplished this with thoughtfulness, kindness and a great positive attitude.
Inma Martinzed
Digital AI Pioneer
Tech Author & Government Advisor


(in English »Mindfulness for parents«)

You are not alone! There are many people who don’t always find it easy to juggle everything at once – work, life, kids. A balanced integration can be challenging sometimes, especially in times of constant change, like we are experiencing today. But mindfulness and agility can help here, author, mother and coach Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag claims. In the international speaker’s podcast, which accompanies Lilian’s new book »Serene and agile – thanks to children« (release autumn 2023 in Germany), she invites inspiring role models and personalities from the areas of compatibility, mindfulness, health, medicine, communication and personal development to share their stories of increasing serenity in parenthood. 

The focus in all podcast-interviews by host Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag, is on how especially performance-oriented parents, learn to »let go« a little bit and live more in the moment, yet not lose sight of their own dreams. For example by »counting ladybug dots« and recognizing so-called »ladybug moments« (in German: Marienkäfermomente). Basically, seeing life, a little more through the eyes of children (again). Be cautious – this change of perspective and the impulses shared by the guests in this podcast, can be mind-blowing!

Podcast Guest

Lilian has also been guest speaker in other podcasts. Find some examples below.

Digital Sensemaker #50
»Achtsamkeit in digitalen Zeiten« mit Lilian Güntsche
Mut zur Persönlichkeit #17 »Achtsamkeit & Agilität im Business« mit Lilian Güntsche


As a trained singer and speaker, Lilian is known for her unique voice. Being a mindfulness trainer and mindful parenting coach as well, she has started to create and record guides meditations, that she partially shares in her newest book and podcast. Find a first impression of a German meditation here. More on demand only.  

Voice Over

Lilian also works as a speaker, voice-over and dubbing artist and has created jingles for cooperations.

Voice-Over Reference Télefonica, o2


Often, Lilian has been rocking a stage not only as a speaker, but also as a singer. Lilian’s biggest passion is music and singing. She has been writing songs since she was a child and has released several songs, where she was involved as a singer-songwriter. Lilian graduated from a music oriented High School in the USA, has a professionally trained classical voice, a music performance certificate and loves writing lyrics and Pop songs. She plays the Piano and Ukulele and has been engaged in several bands and music ensembles. Lilian has sung commercials and company Jingles and has been a member of the renowned Choirs, Honor’s Choir Vienna and Bonner Jazz Chor. In the past, Lilian also worked full time in the music business at a leading record company, but eventually decided to protect her biggest passion and source of energy (music) by rather stepping out of the industry. Nowadays, she mainly sings at private events and is involved as a songwriter in several music projects. 

Below are some reference sounds and videos. If you are interested in musical collaborations, do not hesitate to contact Lilian. Her musical heart is always open for new adventures.  

Musik Video by Band STiLL »Smells like teen spirit« arrangement, in cooperation with Positive Motion 


With Lilian’s initiatives around THE DIGNIFIED SELF® and MARIENKÄFERMOMENTE.JETZT, Lilian is committed to cultivating a good work-life-kid-integration, serenity and mindfulness in everyday work and family life. As a mindful parenting and agile coach, Lilian is a member of the Professional Association for Relaxation Pedagogues e.V., the Scrum Alliances and the National Honor Society, USA. Lilian engages herself in the areas of health and education, and supports charity causes for animals, children and art. Lilian teaches students at universities to support them on their career path with valuable skills in digital business, change – and project management as well as in agile working methodologies. 


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Dipl. Medien-Oek. Lilian Güntsche-Hilgendag


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